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I am a multidisciplinary artist, curator and researcher currently based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I work with different mediums, ranging from videos, poems, painting, and installations to social and curatorial projects where non-art analytic methods are combined with traditional art practice.  

The main interests of my projects are the states of instability and fluidity with their paradox of staying and moving at the same time. I explore them on the questions of memory, identity, personal and political borders and art definitions themselves.

One of the main topics of my researches is changing space and time of art from the perspective of "exhibition", that I define as a sign and a process. My curatorial projects exist in the form of nomadic practices or online platforms, and aim to take shape of streams and points convenient for multimedia and gray zones in the middle of private and public space where we all live now. 

 Other topics of my art projects are determined by processes and changing trails of time, history, memory, identity and structures of feelings. I try to define them by examining themes of post-soviet, traumas, militarism, mass media, propaganda, collective memory using personal reflections, affective domains and analytic methods.



2017 – 2019     MA in curatorial studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, joint program of Smolny College and Bard College

2014                 Cabinet of curiosity, KUVA (The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts)  PRO ARTE, Helsinki-Saint-Petersburg

2013 – 2015    School for Young Artists (a joint program of the St Petersburg PRO ARTE Foundation and the North-Western Branch of NCCA)

2011 – 2015    Roerich Art College, painting department

2003 – 2008    Lobachevski State University of Nizhny Novogorod, radiophisycal department

Selected curatorial projects

Co-curated "Radio hopes and dreams." The Moscow edition. Let's talk about climate, baby!

09 - 10 November, 2019

April, 2019 


April, 2018 – present

Communication Management Unit
September - November, 2017 
Parallel program of Ural Industrial Biennale

Personal exhibitions

November, 2020       Technologies of presence, Kunsthalle Nummer Sieben, Saint Petersburg, Russia
November, 2019      
Sometimes behave so strangely, FFTN Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia

November, 2018       Babushkas project,  Rosa's House of Culture, Saint Petersburg, Russia

February, 2017         No words no war, Carinarnica, Slovenia 

December, 2016       Something New,  FFTN Gallery, Saint Petersburg

April, 2016                The decay time of metastable states,  Intimate place, Saint Petersburg, Russia 


Group exhibitions



  • December, Sometimes behave so strangely, Exhibition of nominees for the Kurekhin Prize, CSI Kurekhin

  • 9 - 13 September, Pangardenia, Ars Electronica, Saint Petersburg

  • 29 August, video program “Slowdown” at "100 ways to live a minutes" video-program, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts 

  • July - present, Paradistopia, online-exhibition

  • June, Artist's poetry,  Ground Solyanka, Moscow 














No words no war project is in the official collection of IoDeposito


2015 - winner of the Multimedia Art Festival, Krasnoyark, Russia

2016 - Communication Management Unit, short list of Brewhouse Art Prize, experimental approach

2019 - August, special prise for curatorial project "Ghostpitality" for contest  "Challenge!"  in curatorial group ArtFog 

2020 - long-list of Kurekhin Art Prize for multimedia object


11.04.2020 Lecture "Online platforms as hybrid forms of art" for Tzelinnii Centre, Almaty, Kazakhstan
03.2020 - 04.2020  course of lectures "Online platforms as hybrid forms of art" for Paideiia school of interpretation of contemporary art

06.12.2019 participant of the conference "Gift and Labor in art and culture", Rosa's House of culture, Saint Petersburg

23.11.2019 Artist Talk in studio 4413  for students of “Paideia” art school

23.11.2019  participant of the conference “Digital and human” for the topic  Political budy in digital human space”

04 - 06.10.2019 artist talk for  Open Studios during Curatorial Forum, Saint Petersburg

25.11.2018  "Pedagogical projects as the form of art", Rosa's House of Culture, Saint Petersburg

3-5.08.2018   "Grow and rot!", Eco-festival in Narva-Joesuu, presentation of ArtGarg(b)age project

06.05.2018  "Art in digital space", lecture in parallel program of "Human/unhuman" exhibition, Quartariata Residency, Peterhof

17.02.2018 "Art in digital space", lecture in parallel program of "Spacing" program, Quartariata Residency, Saint Petersburg

10.11.2017 "Art in digital space", presentation of Communication Managment Unit,  Ural Industrial Biennale

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