Meetings in social center, Saint Petersburg
09.06.2018 - 25.07.2018
Screening in Art Prospect Festival
Presentation view in Rosa's House 
09.11.2018 - 25.11.2018

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Text is not translated yet

The project Babushkas talks about contemporary art, its social and ethical meanings in St. Petersburg in 2018. The main material that builds the exhibition is the recording of meetings happened in the social center for 2 months. During that meetings with the visitors of the centre we've discussed the most known works in the genre of socially-oriented art.


Based on their unique experience as a citizen of the USSR, the participants of the dialogues reason, ask questions, and sometimes pass a sentence, which often happens over a cup of tea.

The project is based on the deconstruction of the paradigm "art as a social project", on which both social realism during USSR and many contemporary art projects created in the era of "social turn" (the definition of Claire Bishop) were based.

Meetings are presented in the form of interviews, zine with the full transcription of the meetings  and installations with the videos from dialogues. 


The "Babushkas" project, despite the fact that the main participants are visitors to the social center, abandons its social function in favor of self-reasoning. This inversion of positions allows you to look at involvement and participation on the other hand, and to exclude any artificial detachment possible in this case.

Research project
zin, 6 videos, multi-channel installation