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commisioned with the help of Garage Studios

Dictator’s Dream Island Resort” is a project about a fictional paradise island-hotel, created especially for specific guests - retired dictators of authoritarian regimes.

The installation consists of advertising materials and a website that describe the hotel located on a paradise island in the open ocean. Videos, brochures and promotional materials include illustrations and information about the hotel's services. All materials contain links to the hotel's website, where the available services, conditions and benefits of the hotel are described in detail. The site is available in several languages ​​(Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, etc.).


Dictator's Dream Island Resort is a place created and designed especially for dictators, where they can go without fear of reducing the quality of life after they relinquish their power. As we see now dictators are afraid to leave their high places, because after giving up power, they may face deprivation, condemnation and dangerous consequences. We see this confusion and disbelief in the future in their eyes. To help take a step and get rid of fear, we see our mission as artists to create a project for an island-hotel, where all dictators can go without fear while leaving their post. It seems to us that we, as dreamers and designers of the future, can propose and develop such a solution to the problem of modern dictators, which will be beneficial to both society and dictators. We also look to the future - even when all the dictators are over, the hotel can be useful as a resting place for artists.

List of services


  • game room for strategies

  • VR glasses with simulated crowd control

  • hand-to-hand combat

  • evening strategy board games

  • Monopoly games with personalized card designs,

  • red organic baths scuba diving in special watercraft

  • riding on rural equipment role-playing games, quest rooms

  • contact zoo with rare animals (flights, swimming are possible)

  • evening theater courses (immersiveness, interactive, bdsm)

  • sports games (hockey, chess) with specially trained athletes

  • own media, library,

  • personal memoirists

  • sculptural courses for the development of your own monument with subsequent implementation management and public speaking circles

  • studio for recording congratulations for the whole country

  • personal development of the museum with weekly openings, with the participation of the best contemporary artists representing the liberality and advancement of the hero

  • personalized channel in the room with a program built around individual needs

  • psychic services and personal spiritual mentor

  • cutting and sewing courses (development of a line of military uniforms)

  • computer club

  • red button in case of self-disappointment



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