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Evolution is a science fiction video made in the genre of youtube video essay. The video tells an alternate story of the origin of humanity. Using imitation, mimicry and speculation, author describes the theory of human evolution as an experimental project of “extraterrestrial computer civilizations”. In the presented story, the history of mankind is accompanied by a description of technological innovations and industrial revolutions. Historical facts and modern reality are mixed with conspiracy theories and fiction. So, the video describes how social networks are used to study the possible signs and causes of a mutation that led to a total humanization: "people no longer wanted to kill each other." The story of the history of mankind, from the inception to the decline of civilization, is based on “human” nature, which is characterized by aggression and hierarchical thinking, where the desire to destroy and kill is a natural factor inscribed “in the DNA, or program” of development. The process of humanization and a change in attitudes towards human life, the rejection of mutual murder and violence seems to be a mutation - an unpredictable change that requires close study. Is it just a mutation that can make a person refuse to kill each other?

comminsioned by AIR ITMO

Voice by Nikita Korol