Video, installation
6:21, no sound

This video contains my attempts of calculation of the victims of the Blockade. This numbers is the first thing that comes to my mind when I’m thinking about this tragedy. What impresses me is not only the number, but also the difference in numbers from difference sources.  

In my work I’m trying to I was thinking a lot how it’s possible for a human being to realize 1000.000 of died people. When we hear the numbers as one million, 28 millions, five thousands, etc. we are not able to compare it with a real lives, real people.

I try to make calculation in different place and find any method of visualization of such big number of human victims. All my attempts are just numbers or signs, it’s not possible to find the correct method.

The goal of this video is to focus people on the Blockade and on the scale of this tragedy. But it’s not only about the Blockade, but about victim of any war . With this video I’m trying to show the impossibility to present life victims in numbers, the soulless and anti-humanistic approach of the official statistics with their rounding, measuring and depersonalization.

View of installation on  "900 and another 25,000 days, Kunstverein", Hamburg, Germany 
View of installation on "Silent voices" exhibition at 
The Krasnoyarsk Museum Center,  Krasnoyarsk