6x10 m
glace, lighters, tempera

Site-specific installation "THE HEAVEN" has been made for the former manufactury of the Stepan Razin factory  by the invitation of the Gamma Festival, one of the largest music and techno festivals in Europe.
The installation reinterprets the genre of so called " instagram selfie rooms" and is a metaphorical statement on the theme of the contemporary idea of ​​the place of infinite prosperity -  the heaven.
In traditional monotheistic religions it is described that in paradise a person will be given the opportunity to contemplate the Lord endlessly. From the point of view of the modern society for the production of content, paradise is a place where everyone will receive his personal transcendental comprehensive contemplator (observer, overseer) and will be endlessly contemplated.
After restoration, more than 500 silhouettes were applied to the wall made of glass blocks. Also illuminated glass blocks were placed on the territory of the factory forming the tension to be moved to "heaven". Thus, the glass blocks and silhouettes of people who fell into "paradise" turned out to be included in the endless stream of contemplation through photographs of the audience and their social networks - endlessly contemplating and being contemplated.

Photos from social media of visitors