5 fotos, 12"20", tempera, glaces
Documentation of the exhibition Deep inside, Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow, Russia
July - September, 2016

Moscow biennale of young art
no words no war
Documentation of the exhibition in Carinarnica 
February, 2017

The project consists of a series of photos placed insight light boxes, so the viewer can see photo with and without filter. Through ordinary glass, viewer sees the original image, where soldiers and people are painted with red color. When the viewer looks at photo through the filter everything red disappears, and only deserted landscape stays.

In the project “No words – no war” author analyzes properties of human memory and its reaction to such traumatic event as war. In the perception of a person outside the war, the war is always something ephemeral, something that does not happen in real life, what is not in the "here and now", whether it is about the past or today's war. Memory and imagination are working selectively and present images and stamps instead of real people in order to depersonalize evidence of the war. The same as paint and filter for photo, our memory allows to distance and to create a view of the war as an illusion with phantoms. No one died, and the war - it's always somewhere out there behind the screen.