The project “Open:spaces” consists of poetry and 3 seconds looped video. The verses which tell of some cosmic accident, are written during the work day in “open space” office. In the title of video author emphasizes the connection of video with office life - tea cup, paper, machinery lights. The author tries to cling to images of everyday life, which in his imagination give birth to soak up stories since childhood late Soviet fiction. Space for a person of the 21st century – it’s not something from the future, and it is not a part of utopia that existed in the Soviet Union, it is the impossible thing of now, which helps to step back from the recurring reality. Oppositely to the Kabakov’s hero, the hero of “Open:space” will never get to the space. He is expecting it somewhere on the way from home to work.

created together with Natalia Rodionova 
 0:55; 1:25;1:04, sound