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sounds, paper, plastic

Technologies and devices for protecting their own territory were developed by hunman since the beginning of civilization. Aimed at a potential material or immaterial  enemy, their goal was more often only to show that the territory is occupied than actually resisting the invasion. This archaic tradition of protecting territories with the help of imitating of human presence has formed its own culture, which has its own characteristics in different times and places. This phenomenon of " technologies of presence" is being studied in the project.

One of such images from our childhood is dolls and "scarecrows" protecting the gardens from birds. Today there is a huge number of devices that can imitate the presence of the owners on the "protected" territory. These are sound traps and imitators of human life, aimed at both humans and animals. Military also takes the important part in creating such devices and technologies. This is especially important for countries where there are huge areas of abandoned military production. Sound traps, triggered by penetration into such areas, use both traditional sirens and imitations (crunching of branches, screaming, clapping), and ultrasound. It is also necessary to protect distant objects, for example, there are publications where they inform about the development of unique technologies for protecting territories and landfills in Antarctica.

In the city, such markers of protection were called the "theater of security." Any city resident knows the measures of protection, having only a visual embodiment and function of imitation. One of the most striking examples of artificial forms that report on the protected area, but does not have the function of protection as such, are concrete blocks that have appeared in all European cities in the last 2 years. These concrete blocks have become not only a symbol of the theater of safety, but also a visual image, a sculpture that weaves into the urban landscape.

The project of "technology of presence" studies the phenomenon of visualization of means of protection, having the archaic nature of imitation of human life activity. As a result, the exhibition will feature sound installations created with the help of technologies used to protect the territories.

View of installation of the project on Shelter festival 2018, Helsinki
sounds, paper, plastic

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