Total installation
7 mins
11 videos, wood, water, wood construction, glasses, mirrors
Sometimes behave so strangly  is the theater installation formed from video sketches, sounds and poems.
The action starts with the phrase “Sometimes behave so strangely” that music professor says  while demonstrating to the students the sound "Illusion of scale" observer by Diana Doitch. Caught in the technique of "found frames" and frozen in the "boomerang" sounds, images and actions echo, interfere, reflect and receive new connotations and contexts in the installation routes. The viewer, using a pause, repeating and reflecting, discovers that he was placed in a game with an increasing atmosphere  of suspense - a trap, playback and stop at the same time.
In this loop I find myself last either a couple of seconds, or thirty years. In an attempt to maintain balance on the wave of the flow of images and information, I contemplate this metastable neurotic state to the theory of media that act as mirror.
Interview about the exhibition

Documentation: walk through the exhibition

Photoshoot from Valeria Hope