TrackTrack and Track2Track

One-day exhibitions made as the result of Laboratory of Experimental Poetry

TrackTrack curatorial projects work with alternative exhibition spaces: Tumblr, Google Maps, Twine.

Curatorial approach to the exhibition  transforms the ways of organizing the space, rebuilds the interaction with the audience and involves the viewers into the spectacular games.

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Track track  is the first part of the exhibition that were build as the quest and intervention into the Bobrinsky Palace.

The exhibition is built on the principle of the game, where the viewer is invited to go through 5 stages and find the "keys" to solve the text riddle.

November 8, 2017

Galernaya Ulitsa, 58-60, St Petersburg

Track2track is the second exhibition of the TrackTrack series.  The viewer crosses the second stage of the "path" and explores both exhibition objects and traces of possible objects, guided by the signs found. Track2track is a reconstruction of an exhibition that was not, but could have been, and the etiquettes are the evidences of the project. The exhibition includes several blocks: a block of sound and video poetry, specific poems, a local narrative, as well as a special Imaginary Evidence block - a presentation of blog-projects of exhibitions carried out in virtual spaces.

December 17, 2017
Quartariata Residency, St. Petersburg: Peterhof