4:30, no audio

The video reconstructs the distance between a modern citizen of St. Petersburg and a resident of the besieged Leningrad. It is constructed from the shots from the everyday life with shots the diary of Lyubov Shaporina who was the citizen of Saint Petersburg during the Blockade of Leningrad.

The besieged memories are mixed with the narration of the author’s daily life in the format “one day blog.” The intense to decrease the distance and get closer to the author of the besieged diary determines the level of frankness and documentary of the video. Images are merged, superimposed, complement, interrupt each other, gradually crowded out and layered and go into a still image when reading diary entries.

The unifying and main “protagonist” in the video is the city, which stores the memory of the Blockade, other tragedies and many unread stories about it.